Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Now You Know (And Knowing is Half the Battle)

I'm shocked, so shocked, that Brian Crecente over at Kotaku found little evidence of women writing gamer blogs. It seems to me, as I compile links for Jade Reporting, that new gaming blogs by women are popping up every day. Why, here's a sample:

Acid for Blood
Amber Night
BM2 Love Angel
Dr. B's Blog
The Baroness
Dreamy Gamer
Electric Sista Hood
Feminist Gamers
Frag Dolls
Free Candy For Everyone
Game Girl Advance
The Geek Side
Gender & Computing
The Girl Gamer
Girl Gamers (here and here)
Girl Power
Girls Who Like Girls Who Game!
The Guild of Gaming Women
Guilded Lilies
The Hathor Legacy
The Headpiece for the Staff of Ra
Hellbound Angels
Hellchick's Blog
The Heroine Next Door
Heroine Sheik
Home of the Fighting Fangirls
Joanna's Academic Adventures
Killer Betties
Laurean's Blog
mer writes about rpgs
New Game Plus
Nintendo Gal
Official Shrub.com Blog
The Play Girlz Gaming Blog
Pulp Arcade
Sex & Games
Still Life With Soup Can
thinking with my fingers
Through the Eyes of a Journalist
Thumb Bandits
West Karana
Who doesn't love roses

And I know this list isn't even close to being complete. (To any bloggers I've missed, let me know if you want me to add you.)

And make sure you check out tekanji's response to Kotaku over at her blog.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out The IRIS Network's directory of women gamers who blog--it aims to have in one place all of our blogs so that anyone looking for us can find us.


Brinstar said...

I think Crecente is looking in the wrong places. One of the places he looked for women game bloggers is at the Game Developers Conference, which is an industry-only (and press) event. Correct me if I am wrong, but men dominate the game industry and the game press, population-wise. Is it any wonder that his search turned up very few women game bloggers?

I'd like to know where on the internet he was looking for women games bloggers as well.

I've been blogging about games for a while now (in terms of internet years), but unlike a lot of women game bloggers, I don't make it a big point to loudly proclaim that I'm a woman, like for example, members of the PMS Clan do. I'm just an average woman game blogger. Who now works in the game industry. :-P

Anyway, I think Crecente is way off, and it's just a case of not knowing where to look and perhaps not looking hard enough.

100LittleDolls said...

I think you're right--the game industry is still male dominated, though more and more women are becoming involved. (Such as yourself!)

It is frustrating that it seems like he just didn't look--I think he was just thinking off the top of his head. The comments on the post didn't make me very happy either.

Mickle said...

awesome list

and he was only asking about gaming blogs

imagine how long it would be if it included female bloggers who wrote the occasional post on gaming

R said...

This post made me grin so hard my cheeks ached. Look how many there are!

Though, I'm not sure that THL really counts - we don't really do regular posts on gaming. We are great big geeks though. ;-)

Beckyverb said...

I'd be thrilled if you added me, though I haven't been the most prolific blogger.

I just did a google search for "woman video game blog" and "female video game blog" in the hope that it would show some very obvious examples, but the stuff that came up was mostly things like "women who play video games have more sex!" and "the top 50 female video game characters." That's a little disheartening, though maybe there are better search phrases I could try.

100LittleDolls said...

Revena: Your "I Read the Internets" includes gaming posts every week, so I thought it would be good to have THL on the list. :)

Beckyverb: I'm sorry I don't have you on the list! I love reading your posts on your blog.

Amber said...

Tipa at West Karana should definitely make this list.

100LittleDolls said...

Thanks, Amber!

Finding out about all the blogs I missed is great for Jade Reporting, too.

Brinstar said...

Mystic Worlds is a fabulous MMORPG blog written by a woman (who is also a mother). A Virtual Life is a Guild Wars blog written by a woman as well.

Wow, there are a lot of us. :-D

Faith said...

I plan to steal your list and add the blogs listed here to my site if I haven't already.
I agree that there are tons of female bloggers in the video game field and they are out there if you know where to look.

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of woman-gamer-bloggers, just as there are an uncountable number of women blogging about comic books.

I've actually just started up my own woman gamer blog. Not much there are let but hoping to update regularly.


100LittleDolls said...

There sure are a lot of us. And I'm glad that with The Iris Network, it'll be even easier to locate all of our blogs.

I'm glad you can use the list Faith!

And your blog is excellent, Emma.

Joanna said...

I'd like to be added to this list! I'm not the best of writers, but at least it's definitely a blog about video games ^_^ I'm loving this list!


nightgigjo said...

AWW! I'm feelin' the Lurve!

Even though I'll be blogging on many geeky things, (and these days it's chiefly feminism anyway) I really appreciate the link-back.

See Mom, I'm a gamer! ^^

There's a reason that my husband and I haven't bought a game system together... we'd never again see the light of day. ~_^ I'll just have to be contented with my Civ addiction. ^^

Lyle said...

Gah! Why did this only now show up in my reader?

Anyway, I had a similar reaction to that Kotaku entry, though I did get the impression that he only looked for women who were already blogging professionally, which isn't going to get you far... I kinda wondered if this was one of those cases where the standard is set to the same levels that have made other aspects of the industry exclusive, leading to a "we'd like to hire some female bloggers, but there aren't many that meet our standards" excuse.

ogeworld said...
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EC said...

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