Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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Video games
Streets of Rage Review My brother and I became friends when we first played this game.
Critiquing video games: let's not get ahead of ourselves I'd say some game story lines are pretty damned developed. And games that have under developed stories still have much to offer in terms of criticism.
Joseph Saulter: 'Why should I have to be a white man?'
Saulter says the industry is like a "horse with blinders" on when it comes to issues of diversity. It's not that they are outright ignoring minorities, it's just that the focus is so straight ahead and narrow, companies don't take the time to reach out.

On being an ally
Allies have a very different place in anti-oppression work than members of the
non-privileged group.

Last Refuges of Scoundrels

Health Care
Why We Don't Have National Health Insurance Having insurance would help solve some of my big problems right now.

$21.07, Speckled Akara Yum!

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