Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gorilla Suit

One last test for Friday. It can't come sooner.

I don't know why certain things in popular culture catch my eye--why some irk me more than others. I think we all experience this time to time. For some people it's Paris Hilton, for others, Family Guy.

So what's getting me? King Kong.
It's a new movie. It's a video game. It's based on something from the 1930's.

It's also racist.

Let's think about a couple of things:
1) Imperialism
2)"The Jungle"
3)Hottentot Venus
4) Most blantantly: Kong's sexual feelings

Why was this movie remade? Why are so many people excited about it? Why is Peter Jackson considered a genius? And most importantly, something I want clarification for: If the King Kong game is being released cross-console, are the graphics for the 360 really better? Was anything retooled for the 360 version? And, if not, why would anyone then want to pay over 60 bucks for it?

And I'm not alone in my thoughts, though maybe at work I am. For a great post about this and further links check out Flimmaking for the Poor.

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