Thursday, December 15, 2005


Inspired by this and this post, and my Women's Health Care Issue test tomorrow, here are some interesting statistics regarding abortion from the "Abortion Fact Sheet" from the Abortion Acess Project.

-By the age of 46, 4 in 10 women in the US will have had at least 1 abortion
-54% of women seeking abortions experienced contraceptive failure
-61% of women who have abortions have had at least one previous birth and 48% of these will have had at least one prior abortion
-41% of U.S. abortions are obtained by white women, 32% of all abortions are obtained by Black women, 20% by Hispanics, and 7% are obtained by other women of color
-19% of women receiving abortions are 11-19 years old; 56% are between 20-30 years of age
-57% of women who obtain abortions have family incomes under 200% of the poverty line. Low-income women are three times more likely to have abortions than those who are financially better off.
-about 13,000 women have abortions each year following rape or incest
-61% of minors who have abortions do so with at least one parent's knowledge; 45% of parents are told by their daughter. The great majority of parents support their daughter's decision to have an abortion.

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