Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day Links

We'll see how often I can update as I'm in my last two weeks of the semester. Here's some links I've been reading that I think are worth checking out.

Current links:

Today is Blogging Against Disabilism Day over at Diary of a Goldfish.

May also marks Asian American Heritage Month. Jen will be hosting posts about Asian American Heritage Month on May 31st. Let her know if you want to participate!

Jen also has a post "dumb defenses that don't fly" that deals with the racist and lame reactions to her post on asiaphila.

Guilded Lily discusses the offensive and repulsive Hitman ads and "how they're an obvious attempt to create controversy."

Gaming While Female [Gaming Communities, Part 3] is up at Official

And this is a small love letter from me to Kat from The Geeky Feminist (which some may have noticed is no longer up):

I'm sad to see your blog go, but I'm grateful for all the words that you wrote. I hope to see you around the internet.

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