Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Over at A Blog Found on a Garbage Heap, inspired by the post "And he's hot, too...," I commented on how at my job, I deal with over 100 different faculty members. It can get hairy, and I end up getting pissed off a lot, especially because we've had problems with harassment. In order to help deal with the frustration I've taped up this picture of the Hulk so that my rage can be experienced vicariously. (This isn't the first time I've done something like this. When I was in high school I started carrying around a Hulk Pez dispenser when my parents got divorced.):

We've temporarily relocated the office this summer, so I thought I'd print out a new picture. I thought this time a picture of She-Hulk would be better. I dumbly searched in Google images for it. I say dumb because this is what I came up. (What I'm comfortable with posting, that is.):

Lame. After much searching however, I did find this:

Much better.


tekanji said...

Do you notice how the Hulk bulks up past what a realistic human could be, but She-Hulk looks like a bodybuilder (possibly with breast implants)?

That didn't really register with me until you posted the Hulk face above the three sexualized She-Hulks. It's obvious that they didn't go for ultra-exaggerated because it would make her ugly.


100LittleDolls said...

Right. I couldn't help but think as well that when She-Hulk gets angry, wouldn't her muscles outbulk her breasts (well, without the help of implants). But I suppose that would erase a great signifier of her femininity.

I don't follow either of the Hulk comics, so I guess I was shocked that She-Hulk seemed especially sexualized--in regards to what I had been imagining that she looked like--especially in the renderings of fan drawings.

Ragnell said...

Actually, the first time I ever saw her well and truly hulk out was in that storyline that I was just complaining about (the one where the mind-control powered guy was on trial for rape -- the story itself having been well-done and respectful, but I was po'ed about the surrounding hackery). She kicks his ass well and good.

Here is a couple of pages from there (most of the story's there, it's not brutal or graphic, though).

tekanji said...

But, Ragnell, that's actually the comment I had in mind when I wrote that she has to be sexualized. The hand panel, I'd argue, is the only "ugly" one of her. In the second link, you have the balloon breasts popping out, and then the fight scenes has a lot of ass shots. She's very muscular, sure, but she's still hot.

Ragnell said...

tek -- *Shakes head* Just not seeing it here, sorry.

100LittleDolls said...

Well, as much as I enjoyed seeing her kick ass, the third panel wedgie just looked plain uncomfy.

Thanks for the link to those scans, Ragnell--almost makes me want to check out the storyline...if there was promise for more of her hulking out and taking names.

Ragnell said...
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Ragnell said...

I know, I winced at the wedgie too. At least Bruce gets his shorts, dammit.

But I'm glad you liked them. I'll keep an eye out as I read She-Hulk for more cool scenes like that. Put out a call on Scans_Daily for you, too.

I was going to reply to Tek's comment, but it turned out too long and digressing so I posted it on my own blog. It's appeared in the backlinks, though, if anyone's interested.

Mmy said...

I don't know, I get kind of sad when people complain about female superheroes specifically having big boobs -- since I am both a weight-lifter AND have Really Big Boobs. (DDDs, so, they look about as "balloon"y as She-Hulk's, at least in the modern art.) I understand that it's probably annoying to girls who don't have giant boobs (especially in the context of sexy/cheesecake pictures, instead of a girl hero being TOUGH) but it's still always a bit hurtful to hear people imply that big boobs always = bimbo/sex object. So. Just thought I'd throw that in. I do, however, get just as angry when they draw the female heroes completely without muscle. (In the beachball picture, Shulkie looks practically anorexic!)

Personally? I really like the art in the current run of She-Hulk -- not the cover art specifically, but the interior art -- because she looks, well, pretty chunky! Her face has adorable little chunky cheeks. It's easy for your boobs to be larger than your big bulky muscles if you're a chubby girl. Boobs are made of fat. ;)

100LittleDolls said...

Thanks so much, Ragnell! I really appreciate it.

mmy--Yes, I can see what you mean. I think some comic readers just get frustrated when there's hardly any characters with no chest. I agree, I liked the how she looked as a lawyer too.