Thursday, July 13, 2006

IGN: Digging a Deeper Hole, One Slice of Cheesecake at a Time

I don't know if someone's already wrote about this before--the article is kind of old--but I inadvertantly and unfortunately came across IGN's: Top Ten X-Babes while wandering around the internet.

Never before have I cackled (while experiencing rage and alienation all at the same time).

Yet, I can't tell what's more insulting: the blurbs or being reminded of the way that some of my favorite female characters have been drawn.


Jacob said...

Hey, I remember that Jean Grey card. I used to own it and have a myriad of fantasys about it....j/k.

Still, I think the card would have made more sense if Jean was standing up and telekinetically controlling the shovel to create the castle. Now that would've been hot!

100LittleDolls said...

Jacob, I'm shocked you don't recognize Rogue when you see her!
Good idea though, I'd love to see Jean construct intricate sand castles with her telekinesis.

Clicking on the galleries for the polls and seeing the images from this run (was it a swimsuit issue, with collector's cards? I remember it from when I was in fifth grade) makes it worth something. It seems like they chose the weirdest images they could find. For instance, the recent cover for Ultimate X-Men, where Jean is getting attacked by the little green goblins: now that's sexy!

Jacob said...

Oops! I just saw the red hair but, I guess, totally disregarded the white tuft in the front.