Friday, October 27, 2006

Just Want to Point This Out

Piny has a must-read over at Feministe about bisexuality. An excerpt:
You know, one thing that has always struck me as unduly burdensome for
bisexuals, as well as a likely source of intimidation and a disincentive to be
out, is the idea that there’s some threshold below which one is a weekender, a
tourist, a closet case, a faker, or–worst of all–heterosexual. Blithe
ambivalence cannot coexist with scrutiny. (Exhibitionism, on the other hand,
cannot exist without it.) A bisexual who is constantly pressured to evaluate the
relative pitch and frequency of their same-sex and opposite-sex attraction is a
bisexual who has a harder time simply loving and lusting. A bisexual who must
weigh the potential joy of queer partnership against loathing and denigration
from all sides is a bisexual who is less likely to nurture any queer romantic
feelings, particularly if they seem supplemental.


tekanji said...

I agree with the point, but argh, argh, ARGH.

You do not call a queer person "a queer", "a gay", or "a bisexual" or whatever. It's dehumanizing. Piny, who has raised issues with the term "a transgender" should know this.


100LittleDolls said...

Yes, I definitely agree with you. I noticed it too, and should have probably wrote something about it in my post.