Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Some Mii Suggestions

I've been able to spend a few weeks lovingly and obsessively creating Miis that represent me, my family and Robotech characters. It's a blast, but I have a few suggestions:

1) Picking a gender for your Mii shouldn't be mandatory. I understand why its there-- we're always asked what our gender is, from surveys to signing up for MSN Messenger. The Mii Channel uses it so that when a gender is chosen the haircuts that show up first correspond with whatever gender you chose. But what if you want to create an androgynous Mii (which is surprisingly easy to do) and you don't want to identify the Mii as male or female? It's unnecessary.

2) Haircuts should be organized by length instead of gender. Other categories, such as lips and eyes aren’t separated, so why is hair length? There aren't any restrictions in regards to choosing a feminine haircut for a male Mii anyway (which is awesome), so the distinction seems arbitrary. Having the hairstyles grouped by length would make customizing easier.

3) There should be more control over body type. I keep on running into this problem—I wanted to give the Mii that's supposed to look like me some hips, but I couldn't. Similarly, when I was trying to make an animorphic representation of my overweight cat, I couldn't make him look fat enough. Rats.

4) Untraditional hair colors need to be included. I know I'm not the only one out there who likes pink hair. And what about making a Mii that looks like Max Sterling? Only blue will do. Actually, a whole color wheel or spectrum should be included so that there are more hues for skin color and more choices for the color of clothing.

I'm thinking that a lot these issues could be remedied by an update. So what do you say, Nintendo?


Anonymous said...

I had no idea that Max Sterling = Maximillian Jenius becuase I am more familiar with Macross than with Robotech.

Jacob said...

I agree with the idea of more colors being presented for hair and skin tone. Creating my Mii, I had difficulty on deciding which skin tone best suits (the one that I ulitimately chose is too light; the next one, too dark).

I remember when creating a character for a wrestling game, instead of blocks of color, skin tone was deterimined by a color bar: as you moved the icon to the left, your character became lighter; to the right, darker. It was ideal in finding the skin tone that best suits you.

100LittleDolls said...

Brinstar--I haven't seen all of the original Macross yet, but Lisa will now forever only be known as Misa. I'm glad that ADV recently re-released Macross because now I'll be able to eventually buy it.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched too much of the original Macross. Most of my original Macross knowledge comes from my absolute love of the extremely cheesy 80s film, "Super Dimensional Fortrest Macross: Do You Remember Love?" which was not released in the US, but which I saw on fansub. It is absolutely brilliant in its cheesiness. The music rocks.

I've seen a bit of Macross 7, which is how I became familiar with Max Jenius. And I have seen Macross Plus (sadly just the movie, not the OAVs), and I think half of Macross Zero.

I also played a (pirated) NES Macross game (in Japanese), but I didn't know it was Macross at the time -- after I saw some of the anime, I realised that the transformable ship was a Valkyrie, and the music was familiar as well.

Um... So yes. Macross!