Friday, June 29, 2007

Why do you hate me Sony?

A quick run down of some of Sony's advertising includes:

-an American ad campaign for the PSP which featured dust balls that can be easily interpreted as racist caricatures of Mexican people.
-the UK's various sex-based ads on buses with slogans such as “Your girlfriend’s white bits here.”
-the objectifying and race-based Black vs. White PSP ad in the Netherlands
-not to mention the topless waitresses featured at the God of War II release party

And now there's this running in India, complete with a tagline that reads"Because your girlfriend bores you shitless."

What. The. Hell. Sony.

There's lots of great discussion over at the Iris boards about the ad, along with some plans to get a letter campaign going. I'll post more info about it here when it happens.
hat tip: the f-word

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