Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The job search is over. I'm officially gainfully employed, with health benefits and everything. My official title is that of a reproductive health assistant, which means I do a little bit of a lot of things at a women's health clinic.

I feel lucky to get the position and damn lucky to have to opportunity to work a feminist job, doing something I'm passionate about, for a company with a mission statement I agree with.


Aunti Em said...

Yeehaa, Nat, I know that you can make a real difference in the lives of the women you will influence by your participation in an essential service that is too often overlooked and under valued.

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Anonymous said...

Nat, I'm so proud of you! Especially your motives. We all need to work to eat (and the neccessities of life, like gaming, feeding our little friends) But you have worked very hard to finally get this opportunity. I wish that luck had no part of it - but it does. There's a reason for everything that happens - Here's your chance - I'm positive that you will make the most of it.
Love you very much!
(buttons busting from Pride)

oliemoon said...

100littledolls ftw! I'm so happy for you!

Present's on the way :)

Amy Reads said...

Hi 100,
Congrats! What wonderful news! And health benefits, truly, are one of the best job perks ever.

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Cameron Sorden said...

Congratulations! All's well that ends well, eh?