Monday, March 27, 2006

Attention Women Poets

In my free time I'm one of the poetry editors for the literary zine Inkstains. We're based in Chicago but seek submissions from everyone, anywhere. One of the primary concerns of the zine is to publish those who have a hard time finding an audience (re: writers who are queer, are of color, are of the lower class, are women, or those who resist the gender paradigm.) I'm mentioning this here and now specifically because we haven't received many submissions for our future issues from women poets. For issue 4.5, due online this Spring, all poems so far are from men and for our issue 5 (which will hopefully be in print if we receive the grant we applied for) due out for Winter, we only have one woman poet.

Please if you have any work, or know any woman poets (we also publish prose), head over to our website, browse around and submit--we want to publish you!

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