Sunday, March 26, 2006


This is the last night of my break. What did I do? (Excluding work, homework and not posting here.)

1) Played King's Quest 1 (still playing King's Quest 2). I downloaded these two games from the great people over at AGD Interactive. What's disappointing however, is that they haven't worked on King's Quest 4--the first game I ever played that had a female protangonist.

2) Downloaded Dofus. My first MMORPG ever and it's bascially free. (You get access to the entire game by paying a monthly rate, but the free part is so large that I'll be busy for awhile.) Flash based, simple, a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics. If you play this be warned: starting out as a Feca's Shield is somewhat frustrating.

3) I knitted. Started on a pair of legwarmers for my bro's girlfriend. Made a hat. Currently finishing a scarf. I did this while watching CJ play RE4, which I think might be scarier than Silent Hill 3.

4) I took my cat to the vet, which turned out to be pretty expensive. Good thing I love her so much.
5) I took a personal oath to participate in Nubian's Blog Against Heteronormativity Day, which is scheduled for April 22. I have a few ideas knocking around my head that should bring me far away from my belly button full of videogames, cats, and knitting. Also, I need to say, her blog kicks my ass daily. If you don't read it, you need to.

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