Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Shojo Power

This exhibition has recently come to my school. It's not up completely, so I can't yet comment extensively about it, but so far it's awesome. Original CLAMP artwork. Watch me swoon.

From the website: Shojo Manga! Girl Power! is an internationally touring exhibition. The show includes more than 200 artworks from 23 artists who have contributed to the development of modern Shojo Manga (girl comics) in Japan since World War II. The medium reflects the evolution of the social roles of Japanese girls and women during this period. The exhibition also documents how the visual composition of manga mirrors the developments in Japanese aesthetics.

NAEA Convention Reception, March 24, 5—8 pm

College-Wide Reception, March 28, 5—7 pm

Both receptions feature lectures by Curator Masami Toku and a Shojo Manga artist at 5:30 pm.

This makes me happy, especially since I've been hearing a lot of snooty commentary recently about anime and manga: that it's a sexist, perverted artform. That aspect does, of course, exist in the artforms, but that's like saying all American film is porn, or that all American TV is reality TV. Not the best comparison, but you know what I mean. Sometimes I just can't shake the feeling that people write manga and anime off quickly because it's foreign, an Eastern artform. The best parts of manga and anime is when it challenges societal conventions, such as playing with gender or promoting pacifism.

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