Monday, March 13, 2006

What I'll Be Doing Over Break

It's next week. Yes I'll be a slave to homework. But I'll also be playing. A lot. Especially here:

The Museum of Science and Industry presents Game On 2.0. Explore the technology, culture and future of video games through more than 100 playable games! Find out how games are made, discover games from around the world, even put yourself inside a game!

You're mine, Bust a Move 4--all mine.


Jacob Saenz said...

My lovely girlfriend Kate took me there for my b-day last year. Is this a new exhibit, I mean with newer and/or different games, or is it still the same one? Kate was getting down on Bust-a-Move as well as Donkey Kong Konga. I was promiscuous in my gaming and tried a little of everything.

100LittleDolls said...

Well, I think there will be some different games, but I did notice some repeats. No matter though, I love it so much.

Maybe we should take our respective partners for a double date? :)

Kate would be the only one of us who could play the karaoke game, I don't think I hit even one note.